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Dear Participant!

Please help the work of the Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency by filling out this approximately 5-minute questionnaire related to the Hungarian Wine Summit.

Your comments and feedback are very important for us to improve our services in the future. We would like to emphasize that we use your feedback for internal purposes only and we do not share them with third parties. We process the data only in aggregate, so you will not be identifiable in any way. We handle all data confidentially. Participation in the questionnaire is voluntary.

Questions marked with * are mandatory.

We ask now a few initial questions about you.

Q1. In what professional capacity did you attend the Hungarian Wine Summit?
Q2. What is your highest education level?
Q3. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?
Q4. Have you ever visited the website of the Hungarian Wine Summit (
The amount of information available on the website of the Hungarian Wine Summit
Transparency of the website of the Hungarian Wine Summit
Communication in general
Quality of communication
Smoothness of communication
The quality of responses to emails
Speed of responses to emails
Clarity of deadlines
Flexibility, problem solving
Clarity of information
Transfer (to the accommodation)
The quality of Marriott hotel
The check-in process to the conference
The venue of the conference
Easy orientation in the venue
The quality of staff work
The topics of the masterclasses
The preparedness of the speakers
The quality of the catering
The tasting zone
The B2B zone
The programs time schedule
Q9. To what extent did the professional programs at the Hungarian Wine Summit enhance your knowledge?
Accommodation on the first night of the study tour
Wineries visited
Walkaround tastings
Programs time schedule
Q11. Would you like to participate in the Hungarian Wine Summit again in the future?
Q12. How long before the event do you believe you should receive the invitation, irrespective of your intention to attend?
Thank you for your answers!
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